Bookcase Options


Shaker Manhattan
Shaker Base Manhattan Base
Huntington Base
Bunn Feet Double Base Molding
Bunn Feet Double Base Molding
Bracket Feet Baseboard Riser
Bracket feet Baseboard Riser

Panel Ends

Raised Panel  Flat Panel

Raised Panel Sides


Flat Panel Side
Glass panel
Beadboard Panel
Glass Panel Side
 Beadboard panels are similar to flat panels but have vertical lines approximately every 1.5". 

Face Frame

Overlapping Overlapping Face Frame allows the face frame from one bookcase to cover the face the unit next to it.
Reveals Reveals are strips of extra face frame added to the outside of a bookcase to cover spaces between the side of the case and the adjoining unit or wall.
Square Edge Round Edge Fluted Edge
Square Edge Face Frame
 Round Edge Face Frame  3" Fluted face frame
Picture Frame  Picture Frame Face Frame


Glass Shelves Glass Shelf
Pull-out Shelves Pull Out Shelf

Edge Options

Wide Edge Wide Edge Shelf
Molded Edge Molded Edge Shelf

Miscellaneous Options

Arches Arches
Rosettes Rosettes add classic flair to the corners of any bookcase, stepback, or wall unit. 
Flat Top Flat Tops are available for bookcases 72" and taller. The Flat Tops tops smooth across instead of inset as usual.
Levelers  Installed on the bottom of your furniture, Levelers allow the furniture to be leveled without the need for shims
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